Providing places for surfboards in homes throughout Australia

The original and the best surfboard racks, the G-Force team takes pride in picking your boards up off the floor and showing them the love they deserve. Neat and protected, but easy to grab on the way out the door- your boards have never been kept so well!

The original G-Force design is sturdy, but cushioned in all the right places. A strong, long wearing steel frame provides support, while buffering foam protects from scuffs. With its classic matte black finish, G-Force racks look great and compliment your boards.

Surf board racks since 1995

G-Force was founded in a small, suburban garage by a surfer who built racks between  surfing stints. Over the years, G-force has grown to include a passionate, tight knit team who send racks from coast to coast Australia wide.

With over 20 years’ experience, we are experts at making racks that last.